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Acting Customs Declaration Products Wide, to meet the different needs of customers

Integration of resources and refined services to escort your products

Do you have the following problems with general trade imports?

Are drops, tablets, capsules and other healthy foods not allowed to be imported without approval?
Frozen meat, fresh meat without automatic import license, no quota how to do?
No enterprises in China, no right of import and export?
How to contact foreign logistics door-to-door pick-up?
Customs clearance procedures are complex, each link can not be tracked throughout?

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All our efforts, just because customers need it

  • Health products
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical&instruments
  • Food
  • Dairy
  • Seafood meat
  • 中国台湾钙铁锌、VC、乳铁 D3益生菌滴剂、辅食营养补充品 中国台湾DHA鱼油胶囊 丹麦益生菌滴剂
  • 澳大利亚洗发水 澳州牙膏(1) 德国破尿酸精华液 法国美颜霜
  • 澳大利亚蜂蜜面膜批文 澳大利亚木瓜膏批文 日本保湿精华液批文 日本保湿乳液批文
  • 爱沙尼亚酵母粉 奥地利牛奶布丁 丹麦乳酸菌粉 马来西亚植物脂肪粉
  • 爱尔兰脱脂奶粉 (2) 比利时纯牛奶 荷兰全脂羊奶粉 美国牛初乳粉
  • 澳大利亚冷冻带骨牛肉 冷冻澳大利亚去骨牛肉 冷冻新西兰冰鲜鱼 --1 冷冻新西兰冰鲜鱼 --2

Coastal service flow

Strong professional law and regulation team to solve all kinds of sudden problems for customers in real time

  • Understand needs

  • Sign a contract

  • Label audit

  • Document confirmation

  • international transport

  • import clearance

  • Warehousing service

  • Distribution service

  • Issuance of Qualification Certificate

  • Listing sale

Understand needs

Specific understanding of customer needs, according to experience to give customer import advice guidance and analysis

Service Items

High-quality service platform, shorten 50% customs clearance time

Provide one-stop solutions for customs declaration, filing, commodity inspection, logistics and settlement

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Core Service of Customs Declaration on Coastal Line

Strong professional law and regulation team to solve all kinds of sudden problems for customers in real time

Overall Risk Monitoring

100% of Chinese label files passed

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Provide regular general trade import declaration

One-to-one exclusive tracking service during the whole process.

Close connection, save you tedious process procedures.

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National Consulting Hotline: 400-600-3833

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The coastline always adheres to the enterprise goal of "pursuing excellence and leading industry", firmly regards "focusing on being an expert in import supply chain operation" as its development direction, and regards "realizing global procurement for en

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