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  • Question1:What is the tariff for importing different products from abroad?

    Answer:According to the Customs Code Certificate, each imported product corresponds to a Customs Code, i.e. HS Code. There is a stipulated tariff rate for each kind of goods under the corresponding code, and the import tariff amount of the product is equal to th
  • Question2:What are the costs of importing products from abroad?

    Answer:The expenses for importing foreign products are composed of the following parts: foreign transportation and insurance expenses, loading and unloading expenses, tax expenses (tariffs, product taxes, VAT, etc.), customs clearance and delivery fees, inspecti
  • Question3:How long does it take to import products from abroad?

    Answer:The time of imported products from abroad is mainly affected by several aspects: one is the shipment of foreign products and sea-air transportation. Generally speaking, air transportation is relatively faster, and the time of different international route
  • Question4:What materials and documents are needed for customs declaration of imported products from abroad?

    Answer:Generally speaking, no matter what kind of products are imported, we need to provide the following documents: bill of lading, invoice, packing list, contract, customs declaration; if the agent company is entrusted to provide the power of attorney for the
  • Question5:The specific process of customs clearance for imported products?

    Answer:Generally, after arrival of imported goods, customs clearance is mainly carried out through the following procedures: exchange of port bills - declaration - declaration - Inspection - payment of taxes - release; this is a general import process, for diffe
  • Question6:What is the specific process of importing products from abroad?

    Answer:The main processes for domestic enterprises to import foreign products are as follows: confirming cooperation - signing contracts, defining foreign trade terms - handling foreign exchange - foreign delivery - customs clearance at foreign ports - Overseas
  • Question7:What qualifications do enterprises need to import foreign products?

    Answer:Enterprises engaged in import and export business need to possess the management qualification of related products, and obtain the qualification to carry out import and export business, that is to say, the right to import and export. The right to import a